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The Subsea Deep Ocean Inc. provides the following services:

Subsea Controls Design

Subsea Deep Ocean Inc. has qualified and experienced contract engineers available to provide a design service ranging from small bespoke control systems and design solutions to complete control systems, using ACAD for 2D drafting and Inventor and Solidworks for 3D modeling.

Controls Documentation Service

The Subsea Deep Ocean Inc. has a wide range of experienced and qualified contract personnel available to provide for your particular project documentation needs, either to supplement your existing hard pressed staff or to provide a complete subsea control system document control system.

Our documentation service typically provides:

  1.    Compiling functional design specifications (used to obtain a quotation)

  2.    Compiling detailed design specifications

  3.    Compiling test procedures

  4.    Compiling controls analysis

  5.    Compiling schematic drawings

  6.    Compiling Layout drawings

  7.    Compiling general arrangement drawings

  8.    Compiling manufacturing drawings

  9.    Compiling design calculations

  10.    Reviewing / commenting on drawings / documents

  11.    Digitizing old paper records into electronic format


Our document services for most typical subsea control systems includes:

Providing specialist controls documents (based a completed questionnaire and on an input of raw requirement data from clients i.e. Functional Design Specifications or Procurement Specifications)

Providing functional design specifications for Hydraulic Power Units (HPU’s), Hydraulic Control Panels, Electrical Power Units (EPU’s), Master Control Stations (MCS’s), Subsea Control Modules (SCM’s), Subsea Distribution Units (SDU’s), Subsea Umbilical Termination Units (STU’s), Umbilical Distributions Systems etc.)

Providing detailed Design Specification or Procurement Specifications for HPU’s, Hydraulic Control Panels, EPU’s, MCS’s, SCM’s, SDU,s, STU’s, Umbilical Distribution Systems etc.

Providing Functional Design Specifications for complete subsea production control systems

Providing Master Document Lists (MDL’s) and most typical MDL documents.

We can supply a complete documentation control service package , including management of the MDL and document control transmittals using the latest electronic transfer technology and most industry standard formats for smaller companies with limited resources.

We guarantee 100% confidentiality and can offer a signed confidentiality agreement where required.

Our services can include a client dedicated web based e-room for trouble free document transfers and management.

Reviews / Studies / Reports / Analysis

Subsea Deep Ocean Inc. can carry out specialized control reviews, studies, reports or analysis on either existing subsea control systems, or the requirements for new subsea control systems.

We can offer this service for:

  1.    System Integrity Management

  2.    Failure Mode & Effect Analysis (FMEA)

  3.    Failure Mode & Effect Criticality Analysis (FMECA)

  4.    Hydraulic Analysis

  5.    Incident investigation / reports

  6.    HAZOP

  7.    HAZID

  8.    General system performance evaluations

  9.    General studies / reports


Controls Analysis

Subsea Deep Ocean Inc. can provide the following Control Analysis Services, for typical production control systems and umbilicals:

  1.   Hydraulic Analysis

  2.    FMECA Analysis


This is provided by our experienced and qualified engineers using dedicated software programs.

Subsea Controls Consultancy

Subsea Deep Ocean Inc. has a select few well qualified and experienced contract consultants available on a worldwide basis, or from one of our global offices, to meet your particular subsea control needs with competitive solutions.

Bespoke Subsea Control Valve / Instrument Design

Subsea Deep Ocean Inc. designs specialized subsea control valve and instruments for applications where no item is currently available.

HPU / Control Panel Design

Subsea Deep Ocean Inc. designs specialized Hydraulic Power Units (HPU’s) and Hydraulic Control Panel’s for surface support of subsea systems. These are manufactured for us by sub-contractors.