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Subsea ROV Operated Valve Panels

A range of Subsea panels equipped with ROV operated ball valves and pressure gauges, designed primarily for overriding the normal subsea controls using an ROV in the event of the failure of the normal controls.

Example Type 1 Panel

A recent serious well failure in the Gulf of Mexico, highlighted the need for a reliable method of overriding the normal BOP Shear Ram control system,  in the event of it failing by using a work class ROV.

This need was addressed in a revision to ISO 13628-8 in September  of 2010 that includes the basic specification for ROV operated override panels to override the normal BOP control system if it fails to close the shear rams.

However presently the current available panels use an external hydraulic supply from a hot stab connector (invasive technology) to achieve this, and that necessitates a special ROV tooling package to operate the override panel. That in turn drives the need for either that special tooling package to be available on the vessel / rig all the time or a time delay in deploying it while it is sourced from an onshore base.

A new design development of ROV operated override panel from Subsea Deep Ocean seeks to address that problem, with a new panel design that incorporates an a self contained subsea hydraulic power unit (HPU) that can be operated by any work class ROV of the type normally deployed subsea during well operations , this new development eliminates the need for a hot stab external supply or a special tooling package (non-invasive).

This new development provides the potential to greatly reduce the deployment time for an ROV to operate the override panel to close the shear rams when it is needed and thus reduce the time and the impact of such a failure.

This is achieved by having the self contained HPU driven by a standard ROV operated paddle interface that can be rotated either directly by the standard ROV manipulator, or by a standard ROV valve operation adaptor (patents applied for).

For more information contact Maria Carrillo at Subsea Deep Ocean Inc.