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Subsea / Downhole Control Valves

BIS Valves Ltd.

A wide range of valves developed specifically for subsea and downhole control applications, that include options of NPT or Autoclave type MP.

Connections, combination of metal and elastomer seals, and a choice of materials AISI 316 st. st. as a standard, but Inconel 625 and other alloys are available for subsea / downhole life in excess of 25 years.

Pressure ratings of 10,000 psi as standard, but 15,000 psi and 20,000 psi ratings are also available.

The range includes:

  1. Check valves  

  2. Pilot check valves

  3. Relief valves

  4. Hydraulically piloted control valves

  5. Solenoid valves

  6. Subsea / Downhole Solenoid valves

  7. Stop / Metering valves

  8. Line filters

  9. Multi Output hydraulically or electrically indexed selector valves (new development for special downhole applications)

Other Control Valves

A wide range of control valves from other manufacturers are also available.

Contact us with your application

ROV Operated Valve Operators

These are ROV operated valve interface manufactured IAW

ISO-13628-8 fig. 11, they can be fitted with various control valves.

See drawing below, contact us with your requirements

ROV Operated Valve Interface

A self contained subsea Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU) that is allows a standard Work Class ROV to operate the pump via a paddle interface handle. It has a unique internal valve arrangement that allows the pump to flow in forward and reverse and lock in position when the ROV drive stops (patent applied for).

The HPU pump and valves are mounted with a pressure balanced bladder that also forms the reservoir.